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As your coach I will show you how to:

  • learn to really play the game of golf

  • learn to negotiate the golf course for better scoring

  • improve your short game and creativity

  • learn to manage your thoughts and emotions so you can eliminate tension, play better and have more fun!

9 Holes On-Course Coaching for you & up to 3 friends

Individual Lessons

Full Day Golf Schools for you and up to 2 friends

services by anne marie


Using your unique physical measurements, I can prescribe your set of personalized fundamentals that will unlock your potential and decrease risk of injury.  

  • put your body in symmetry

  • identify your ideal stance width

  • learn your perfect posture

  • find your Power Point Grip




  • short game lessons

  • half day short game schools

  • full day golf schools

  • corporate events

  • gift certificates

  • French golf + wine trips

Desert Fairway Heather Tawes Nelson.jpg

“Anne Marie is a natural teacher.  Anne Marie does not believe everyone learns the same way so she adjusts her instruction based on her student's goals and skill level.  Like all fine instructors, Anne Marie approaches teaching with patience and humor.”


-Fern, Attorney

“Anne Marie works “with” your swing, not just “on” it. That is, she doesn’t feel a need to remake you as a golfer. She can identify problems quickly and correctly, and she offers thoughtful instruction and logical suggestions to eliminate or minimize the flaws that hamper your game. There’s nobody better.”


- Dianne, Magazine Editor

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